Our program can be used in many types of interactive exhibits or educational projects.

For example, we can create a  “Wall of Paws”  ~  This would be a low, stone wall studded with the bronze casts of the paws of many different animals where guests can compare their hands to the Animal Kingdom. Which has a larger paw? A Lion? A Tiger? Check it out here.

We can offer  “Hearts of the Jungle”  ~  Guests would enter a dark, thatched environment off the main path where bronze casts of a gorilla chest, a lion, a Nile crocodile, an elephant or others will be displayed around the room on rough posts in their own soft pools of light. Touching any chest activates a recording of that animal’s heart beat.

All are ways to project the animals beyond their enclosures. All are ways to demonstrate special features of the animals and for the animals to always be on display, even when the living animal is not visible. And all are ways to share with the blind and visually impaired and others with special needs.


Many other interactive events are also possible. Imagination is the only limit.




We can put our animal models in any hands, anywhere, through our Biofax Scans. We have the casts.

Once we have completed 3D scanning of the casts they can be 3D printed from any place in the world!

Imagine children gathered around a class monitor watching a zoo live-cam of a lion while holding a 3D copy of a lion’s paw, printed out in their classroom, in their hands!

Part of the future plan is to include such a download page on this site.

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